Family name: TANASIE
First name: GABRIELA
Date of birth: 22.08.1966

Senior lecturer, Dept. of Physiology, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara
2000: MD, functional explorations
2003: Specialist: Clinical Laboratory, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology, Haematology
2001: PhD in Medicine, specialty: normal and pathological physiology, Timisoara University Centre, dissertation: 'Experimental research on the reactivity of human bronchus'

Physiology and physiopathology of the smooth muscle with focus on the reactivity of the tracheobronchial smooth muscle;
Within the discipline I completed the experimental model of investigating the reactivity of the smooth muscle of human bronchus; the model set up the basis for my PhD dissertation;
In parallel, I took part as a member of the work group in the studies developed within the discipline concerning the reactivity of the vascular smooth muscle (especially of the venous smooth muscle), and in a series of clinical studies focusing on the reactivity of respiratory tracks;
Within the molecular biology section (Immunophysiology and Biotechnologies Centre, Timisoara), I completed a series of techniques for isolating nucleic acids, reversetranscription and amplification of genic fragments using the PCR technique;
Plasticization of stem cells.

Collaboration on contract-based scientific research projects
1. Pre-clinic and clinic research on the Romanian product Antagonic-stress
Research contract with POLGEC SRL, Bucharest
Contract value: 2.900.000 lei
Coordinator: Prof. Schneider F., MD, PhD
2. Bronchomotility. Immuno-allergic implications
1992 - 1995, Research contract with the Academy of Medical Sciences
Contract value: 9.600.000 lei
Coordinator: Prof. Schneider F., MD, PhD
3. Physiology of tracheobronchial smooth musculature.
Experimental and clinical studies, 1992-1995, Research contract with the Ministry of Education and with the Ministry of Research and Technology
Contract value: 16.300.000 lei
Coordinator: Prof. Schneider F., MD, PhD
4. Monitoring the responsiveness in bronchial asthma
Clinical and experimental study 2002-2003
Grant A Contract - CNCSIS, Nr. 1331/33454/ 17.07.2002 [i 620/33542/1.07.2003
Grant manager: Prof. Mihalas G., MD, PhD
Contract value: 164.000.000 lei
5. Development of tissual bioengineering techniques for osteo-articular and myocardial reconstruction
Contract with the Ministry of Research and Technology, National Research, Development, and Innovation Programs - the MATNANTECH Programme, No. 162 (303)
Contract value: 2.5 billions ROL(over 60000 EUR)
Grant manager: Prof. Virgil Paunescu, MD, PhD
6. Adult mesenchymal stem cells engineering for connective tissue disorders. From the bench to the bed side
FP6 integrated project, GENOSTEM no. 503161
Duration: 2003-2006
Project coordinator for Romania: Prof. Virgil Paunescu, MD, PhD
7. Quality and safety assessment in clinical and toxicological application of stem cells
FP6 integrated project, SAFESTEM, section 'Advanced genomics and its applications for health'
Project manager for Romania: Assoc. Prof. Carmen Bunu, MD, PhD
8. Non-myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation in refractory solid tumors: refining the graft-versus-tumor effect.
FP6 integrated project, ALLOSOLID
Project manager for Romania: Prof. Dr. Hortensia Ionita

Member of the National Society of Physiological Sciences
Member of the Federation of European Physiological Sciences (FEPS)
Member of the National Society of Cellular Biology

Member of the editorial board of Physiology, the official journal of the Romanian Society of Physiological Sciences
Member of the Immunophysiology and Biotechnologies Centre, Timisoara (director: Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu)
Member of the bioinformatics' work group (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Mihalas)
Starting with 2003: responsible for the Marie-Curie program, Department of International Relations, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara

VII. 27 participations in national and international conventions

Elaboration of 94 scientific works, among which 10 collaborations on work books, and monographs; 30 papers published in extenso - 6 papers as first author, and 24 papers as co-author; 42 papers published in abstract volumes of international and national conferences; 12 oral presentations presented at national and international scientific conventions.
Paunescu V., Suciu E., Tatu C., Plesa A., Herman D., Siska I. R., Suciu C., Crîsnic D., Nistor D., Tanasie G., Bunu C., Raica M., 'Endothelial cells obtained from haematopoietic stem cells are functionally different from those obtained from human umbilical vein' , Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 7 (4): 455 - 460, 2003