1945:  Prof. Dr. Ilie Georgescu sets up the Physiology Lab
   - Prof. Dr. Marin Popescu: - methods of experimental studies on    animals
   - invention patent: device used at the perfusion of mammals' organs

1949: Scientific research: study of functional-systems' regulation    mechanisms

1963 – 1983:  Prof. Dr. Andrei Marza: study of phagocytosis' neuro-   humoral stimulatory mechanisms

1983 – 1997:  Prof. Dr. Francisc Schneider: organization of    laboratories grouped on modules

1991: Setting up the Immuno-physiology lab (immuno - clinical    investigations)

Areas of research: Exercise physiology, immuno-physiology,    experimental studies of tracheobronchial and venous smooth muscle,    stress, psychoneuroendocrine modulation of the immune system

1997 – 2000: Prof. Dr. Doina Drugarin

2000 – present: Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu