SPIROSET 3000 Hormann Medizintechnick spirometer - for the functional exploration of lung ventilation.
Siemens Megacart electrocardiograph - for ECG records.
Veloergometru Cardiotest 100 - for exercise tests.
Biopac Student Lab-version 3.0.3. - for ECG, phocardiograms, EEG, EMG records, blood pressure, plethysmography and biofeedback.

Pachon oscillometer - for the oscillometric method.
Ergometric bike.
Organ bath:
Isometric transducer - FORT 10 WPI;
Hugo-Sacks isometric transducer;
BIOPAC acquisition system;
Graphtech inscriber;
Thermostat, analytical balance.

Gascromathograph (GC System) with Helium container - it separates the organic components from fluid systems in order to identify their structure;
Flowcytometer FACS Calibur Becton-Dickinson - it determines the presence of some cells of cell fragments fluorescently marked in fluids or cellular suspensions;
Medimachine - it triturates the tissue to obtain liquid suspensions;
Isolex cell-assorting machine - it sorts different cellular components from the cytoaphereze concentrate based on immuno-magnetic principles;
Planer programmed cooling unit, and 2 tanks with liquid nitrate - Messer (200 l) and Statebourne (250 l) - to store cell lines, cytoaphereze products, and the bank of stem cells at -196 C;
2 gene amplifying systems: PCR GeneAmp system 9700 and PCR Techne Progene;
2 image analyzers: Gel Doc 2000 and Fluor Multimager - for qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses of AND/ARN and proteins;
2 pulse electrophoresis lines;
2 gel electrophoresis lines;
Mini Trans Blot vertical electrophoresis line;
ELISA computerized line - for dosing anti-genes;
2 systems for drying genes equipped with vacuum apparatus
2 hoods with laminar flow: Telstar and Jouan;
in phase contrast;
Hund microscope with fluorescent lamp and photo camera;
Direct lightning Nikon E 600 microscope with fluorescent lamp and photo camera;
Reverse lightning Olympus microscope with digital microscopic image caption and storing (Olympus photo camera, Olympus digital camera, VHS display, fluorescent lamp);
Jouan carbon dioxide incubator with CO2 tank - 2 items;
Thermostat 37 C;
Heidolph plaque agitator;
2 vortex apparatus: Ika and Heidolph;
Hettich micro-centrifuge;
3 Jouan micro-centrifuges with cooling systems;
2 thermostatic water baths: Jouan and Clifton;
Sartorius analytical electronic scale;
System for the study of the behaviour of fragments isolated from the organ, with the possibility of analysing the reactivity of muscular fibres: two 10 ml organ baths, two 25 ml organ baths; FORT 10-type isometric transducers (WPI Inc.) and K30-351 (HSE); Graphtec WR-3320 (HSE) inscribers; BIOPAC (WPI Inc.) computerized system data-acquisition unit with corresponding software application (AQKNOWLEDGE); programmable thermostat; seltzogene-powder mix tank;
Automated pipette with fixed and adjustable volume - 32 items;
8-channel pipette with adjustable volume (5-50 ml) - 1 item;
Hamilton syringe with fixed volume and adjustable pace - 13 items;