1. Studies in medullar transplant
Project accomplished in collaboration with the Paediatric Clinic No. 3 and the Medullar Transplant Clinic from Miskolcz, Hungary. The joint team of doctors performed the first medullar transplant from Romania in 2001. Their activity was rewarded by the president of Romania with the National Order Serviciul Credincios, the rank of
Chevalier in 2002, by the Association of Medical Journalists with the Prize for Excellence for the best medical achievement in 2001, and by University of the West V. Goldis from Arad with the Diploma for Excellence.

2. Studies in the biology and the plasticization
of the mesenchymal stem cell
- application in regenerative medicine
At national level, the recognition of the quality of studies in the field materialized by winning the grant entitled Developing Tissular Bioengineering Techniques for the Osteoarticular and Myocardic Reconstruction in 2003 (contract no. 162, financed by the PNCDI, the MATNANTECH program, period of project: 2003-2005).
At international level, the most prestigious recognition is the participation as coordinator for Romania in the FP6 integrated project, financed by European funds and entitled Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells Engineering for Connective Tissue disorders. From the Bench to the Bed Side - GENOSTEM (project no. 503161, section Life sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology of Health, period of project: 2003-2006). The GENOSTEM network is recognized at European level as being a network of excellence in the field which tries to implement the bio-engineering techniques based on mesenchymal stem cells in the diseases of the connective tissue.
3. Studies in the biology and the plasticization of the haematopoietic stem cell
At national level, for the first time in Romania, in collaboration with the Cardiovascular Diseases Centre, Timisoara, we successfully initiated the stem cell therapy in the myocardial infarction. Based on the results obtained, we participated in the FP6 integrated project Quality and Safety Assessment in Clinical and Toxicological Application of Stem Cells - SAFESTEM (Advanced Genomics and its Applications for Health section), initiated by the University of Padua and currently evaluated by the European Comission.
4. Creating and developing bio-banks of stem cells
At national level, we created the first bank of stem cells in order to provide biomaterials needed for clinical use. At international level, from 2004, we have been taking part in the project entitled European Quality System for Tissue Banking, project financed by the European Commission with the headquarters in Luxembourg.
5. Development of the Department of Cellular Cultures and Cellular Therapies
The department focuses on the development of immunotherapy techniques with dendritic cells in neoplasia diseases in collaboration with the University of Munich, the Transplant Centre from Essen, and the University of Montpellier.
6. Studies in the organ transplant
The studies are carried out in collaboration with the Urology Clinic of the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, and are financed by the National Transplant Program.
7. Studies in the behaviour of the endothelial cell
The studies focus on the endothelial cells in neoplasia and cardiovascular diseases, and are carried out in collaboration with Johann Wolfgang Goethe University from Frankfurt.
8. The Molecular Biology Laboratory
The development of the Molecular Biology Department is performed in collaboration with the Paediatric Clinic No. 3, the Discipline of Cellular Biology, and with Johann Wolfgang Goethe University from Frankfurt.
9. Studies in the Balkan endemic nephropathy
The studies are carried out in collaboration with the US Geological Survey, Washington.